Serving Cultural Delights

We strive to serve our community with great cultural food. We serve many different Ethiopian c dishes. Both combinations of meat and vegetables. We prepare our dishes using variety different kinds of cultural spices


Enat Ethiopian restaurant has been open in Seattle for over 20 years. The name Enat in Amharic means motherly which we reflect in our comforting, tasty made dishes and services.


Enat's vision is to bring the taste of home to WA for East Africans and to introduce the taste of Ethiopia to our community. 

Beautiful Landscape


"AMAZING spot for Ethiopian takeout. I've gotten the enat combo twice and kitfo once. Kitfo is like a spicy Ethiopian tartare that I got slightly rare for my own peace of mind and oh my god it was delicious. Buttery spiced beefy goodness that paired perfectly with the sour of the injera. I couldn't name the other dishes in the combo but they are all delicious. Would recommend and I look forward to being able to eat here in person once day."

- Duyen T.