About Us


 Enat Ethiopian restaurant has been open in the Seattle area ever since 1997. We serve many Ethiopian dishes to the greater Seattle area for over 20 years. The name "Enat", reflects and
represents the comforting motherly made dishes and services.
Our restaurant strives to bring the taste of home to our community. 


Enat Kitchen 

We serve many different Ethiopian dishes. That consist of spicy and seasoned dishes, including vegetable, meat and chicken in a stew or soup type consistency called "wot", a mildly thick dish. It's served along with Injera.

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Our Culture 

One of the most beautiful things about Ethiopia is our culture. It is Enat's mission to share the distinctive dining experience. Dining in Ethiopia is characterized
by the ritual of families coming together around the dining area. Typically family members share food from
one plate, breaking Injera and scooping a variety of stew.